Lumension® Premium Security Tools

Lumension has developed the following security tools to help you assess your risk posture.

Lumension® Application Scanner

Download the Lumension® Application Scanner tool today to assess your endpoint application security risk. Unknown and/or unwanted applications can introduce malware, decrease PC performance, consume disk space, reduce network bandwidth and ultimately reduce IT and user productivity. With the Lumension® Application Scanner tool you can:

  • discover all applications and executables in your endpoint environment;
  • validate the integrity of applications and files against known vendor provenance; and
  • identify and report on systems at risk with the most unknown executables and the most prevalent applications and unknown executables in your organization.
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Lumension® Device Scanner

Download the Lumension® Device Scanner tool today to assess your endpoint data security risk. If left unmanaged, removable devices - like USB sticks, external hard drives and smartphones - can jeopardize your data security policies through intentional theft, accidental loss and/or malware introduction. The Lumension® Device Scanner tool is a system service, scanning the network on predefined intervals to uncover removable devices. It is a network-based scanning utility that provides IT Departments and Executives with the ability to quantify the risk of removable devices to the organization. Utilizing an intuitive user interface, users can easily create template-based HTML reports and export them in the XML interface.

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Lumension® Patch Scanner

Download the Lumension® Patch Scanner tool today to assess your endpoint vulnerability risk. Your endpoints may be at risk from malware attacks exploiting known vulnerabilities in system operating systems and 3rd party applications. The first step to reducing your attack surface is gaining visibility into what patches are missing from your endpoints. The Lumension® Patch Scanner tool will scan endpoints in your network for missing patches and report via the web-based console. Zero in on specific endpoints or see where your greatest vulnerabilities lie - forewarned is forearmed.

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