New malware continues to be created at an exponenetial rate - in mid-2013, AV-Test Institute was registering over 200,000 new malicious programs every day. And threats continue to grow in both volume and sophistication. The impact hits your bottom line - 50 percent of surveyed organizations reported an increase in their IT operating expenses due to this rise in malware 1. Traditional anti-virus simply can’t keep up in the malware arms race and relying on it as your primary defense will prove costly. It's not simply the cost of the AV license – it's much more. Ineffective security impacts the cost associated with:

  • Deploying, managing and updating AV definitions
  • Degraded performance on PCs, servers and networks due to bandwidth draining AV scans
  • Rising volume of helpdesk calls and machines that must be re-imaged
  • Lost/stolen information – whether customer data or intellectual property
  • Network downtime and overall productivity loss

This calculator will help you uncover these costs to give you the "true cost of malware". You will find that your AV solution is costing you more than you think. That's why we've developed Lumension® Intelligent Whitelisting™ - to provide more effective AND cost-efficient endpoint security.

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1 – Ponemon Institute, State of Endpoint Risk, 2010