7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Information Security

Information security has become a hot button issue in corporate boardrooms as more data breaches make headlines. Security breaches impact a company's bottom line and thus no longer only require the attention of security personnel, but also the executive team, including the CEO.

Lumension Security Chairman and CEO Pat Clawson provides executive-level insight into effective, data-centric, corporate security in 7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Information Security.


In this eBook, Pat Clawson CEO & Chairman of Lumension, provides his insight of the 7 key issues that every CEO should know about Information Security

  1. Security is a Boardroom Issue
  2. The Costs of Ignoring Security
  3. Well-Organized & Focused Cybercriminals
  4. Increasing Insider Threats
  5. Emergence of the Borderless Enterprise
  6. Traditional Security No Longer Works
  7. Policy and Process Reign Supreme

"As a CEO, I understand the complexities and nuances of leading an organization to profitability and success. And as an expert in the security industry, I also have a clear picture of how the very best businesses protect themselves. These two perspectives put me in a good position to talk to you—CEO to CEO—about the most important components of information security and why you should know about them. There's no marketing mumbo-jumbo here, just straight talk about a topic that can very well impact your bottom line and the ability for your business to deliver its product to customers."

Pat Clawson
Chairman & CEO, Lumension Security, Inc.

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