Social media has redefined the way we relate to family and friends. But these tools aren't just for keeping up with long-lost high school buddies. Social media also enables business.

But it also introduces a laundry list of risk that organizations could never have dreamed about five years ago. And these risks can no longer be ignored. IT leaders and executive management must work together to responsibly enjoy the benefits of social media.

Using the most up-to-date data, forensics and security expert Paul Henry illustrates how IT can secure their networks against attackers who rely on social media as their vector of choice.

Educate the End User

IT Pro's 3 Step Guide
to Safe Social Media

by Paul Henry
Forensics and Security Analyst

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Educate the End User

Educate the End User

Give your users a simple guide to "Social Media Danger"

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Ban Social Media?

It may be the safest approach but it's also the wrong one.

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