Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite
Enterprise Reporting

Module Features

Suite Core Features

Key Product Features


Auto Report Generation & Distribution

Schedule automated report generation and immediate email distribution of reports to authorized users.

Improves Efficiency of IT Operations

Optimize IT staff productivity and improve information flow with the organization.

Comprehensive Pre-Defined Report Library

29 standard reports for vulnerabilities, patch deployment, configuration, inventory, compliance, and more are included Further, these reports are not fixed and may be extended to meet the organization’s needs.

Ensures Audit Readiness

Eliminate and automate routine administration tasks to provide productive immediately actionable system information.

Data Mining

Interactive reports allow you to “drill down” into report data, drilling from a global view of all users down to individual groups and entire Update servers down to individual devices.

Delivers Multiple Views of Information

Linked data allows IT and compliance staff to efficiently find and process the system and regulatory information.

Efficient Data Consolidation

Enterprise reporting utilizes a separate server to minimize disruptions to Lumension® Patch and Remediation, enabling you to run reports without interrupting key vulnerability management tasks.

Maintains Security

Reporting system independence ensures no degradation of security within your enterprise.

Enterprise Dashboard

Global view of vulnerability status for all enterprise assets provides a unified look at the health of your enterprise.

Delivers Quick, Unified View of All Assets

Provide your organization an at a glance understanding of risk and system status.

Extensible to 3rd Party Reporting Tools

Works seamlessly with third party reporting tools including SQL Reporting Services, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, and more.

Integrates with Existing Systems

Integrate vulnerability management information into your existing IT management systems to provide a unified solution for enterprise reporting.

System Configuration Reporting

Allows information targeting to an organization’s specific functional groups, as well as summary views and trending.

Provides Easy Risk Assessment

Provide the ability to assess enterprise wide risk due to configuration conformance.

Instantaneous Results

View current status of vulnerability management efforts with up-to-minute reports.

Ensures Audit Readiness

Timeliness of reporting ensures no hidden compliance or security system status will be overlooked.

Open Reporting Schema

Data views make it easier to find reporting data; underlying queries are exposed to easily create custom reports.

Increases Productivity

Improve IT productivity through easy to use, rapid report creation.

Policy-Based Reporting

Flexible policy-based reporting enables you to substantiate compliance with security aspects of government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA and others.

Maintains Compliance

By aiding in the achievement of regulatory compliance, the enterprise helps to minimize its legal, financial, and reputational concerns.

Automated Data Transfer

Data from multiple Lumension® Patch and Remediation Servers is automatically transferred to a secure central repository using RSA encryption.

Saves IT Time and Enhances Communication

Reduce your operational IT staff burden and improve information flow within the enterprise.

Data Purge Management

Remove dated data and conserve disk space.

Saves IT Time and Costs

Reduce system storage requirements to minimize implementation and maintenance costs of reporting.


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