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The expanding influence of security and business regulation and the increasing need to demonstrate compliance with internal polices make corporate governance and risk management a top priority for organizations worldwide. As companies plan for the future, the link between IT and business consistently ranks as one of the top three priorities for CIOs1.

IT senior executives need timely, accurate system visibility, configuration conformance data, vulnerability management analysis and reporting to help assess business risk and meet regulatory compliance.

Introducing Lumension® Enterprise Reporting

Lumension® Enterprise Reporting, is a fully customizable, centralized business intelligence solution that enables organizations to:

  • Provide centralized visibility of IT assets and consolidates vulnerability and configuration data across the enterprise
  • Assess business risk through powerful and granular data vulnerability, configuration and inventory analysis
  • Demonstrate security policy and regulatory compliance status through flexible, customized vulnerability and security reporting

Lumension® Enterprise Reporting Workflow

  1. Gather data snapshots from multiple Lumension® Patch and Remediation servers in your environment, on a pre-defined, automated basis. The data is uploaded to a separate Enterprise Reporting server, via secure RSA encrypted transmissions. This ensures that data analysis does not interfere with critical assessment and remediation activities. Once uploaded, the data is consolidated into the central Enterprise Reporting data warehouse repository for centralized analysis and reporting. 
  2. Start your analysis at a global level, and then drill down to view specific Patch and Remediation Servers. For granular analysis, you can further drill into the results for individual groups or network devices. Graphical representations for vulnerability management, asset management, configuration conformance and trending analysis are also available.
  3. Role-based access to data and reports makes it fast and easy for users to identify data that is critical to their area of responsibility. This ensures information is viewed only by individuals with proper authority. Lumension® Enterprise Reporting’s open database schema integrates with any ODBC/OLEDB compliant reporting tool, including leading third party report generators from Business Objects, Crystal Reports and Microsoft.
  4. Create policy-based vulnerability management reports that accurately demonstrate in real-time the status of your security posture. The reports you create will support internal policy enforcement and compliance with IT security aspects of government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley,  HIPAA, PCI and FISMA.

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  1. Gartner EXP’s annual CIO survey 2007 and 2008