Lumension® Data Protection

Full Disk Encryption

Data is the life blood of your organization – and protecting your organization's intellectual property, your customers' private information, and the privacy of your employees is critical to running your business. Much of this data resides on the laptops you use every day – and not a day goes by without another report about a laptop with sensitive data on it being lost or stolen.

In fact, surveys indicate that 86% of organizations have had a laptop lost or stolen, and 56% of these have resulted in a data breach.1 And an astonishing 58% of these laptop losses happened at work.2 The sensitive information stored on these laptops can be misused in an instant, unless you have complete control over how data is stored – and whether or not it is encrypted.

Prevent unauthorized access to laptops, netbooks and desktops with transparent and easy-to-use full disk encryption. If a PC encrypted with the Lumension® Disk Encryption Add-On (powered by Sophos) falls into the wrong hands, the data is unreadable even if the hard drive is removed.

Lumension® Disk Encryption Delivers Full Disk Encryption

The Lumension® Disk Encryption Add-On (powered by Sophos) delivers:

  • Data Protection – Maximizes endpoint security and performance with proven, FIPS 140-2 validated encryption algorithms; and offers encrypted swap and hibernation files for complete security.
  • Ease of Use for organization – Network rollout is easy, with no user involvement required; and ensures higher end-user productivity, with secure password recovery via phone or the local self-help option.
  • Low Impact to end users – Provides the speed and convenience of a single pre-boot sign-on, using Windows User ID and password; and ensures that work is not interrupted using user-transparent background encryption.
  • L.E.M.S.S. Integration – Leverages the existing Lumension® Endpoint Management and Security Suite infrastructure for deployment, implementation, reporting, and key back-up.

Lumension® Disk Encryption Enforces Encryption Policies

Lumension® Disk Encryption allows you to require users to encrypt data written on endpoint hard drives, using proven FIPS 140-2 validated algorithms, which maximizes security and performance. Full disk encryption is self-contained on the disk, allowing only those with the proper credentials to access that information. In addition, it provides for encrypted swap and hibernation files for complete security, along with the convenience and speed for end users with single sign-on to the operating system from the pre-boot stage.

Lumension® Device Control Provides Additional Data Protection

Lumension® Device Control allows you to require users to encrypt data written removable devices (like USB sticks), removable media (like CDs and DVDs), and more, using FIPS 140-2 level 2 validated encryption. This encryption is self-contained on the device, allowing only those with the correct password to access that information. In addition, you can:

  • Control who in your organization can access devices / media and control whether or not those devices / media can be accessed outside of your organization, giving you peace of mind if they are lost or stolen, knowing that the contents are encrypted and therefore inaccessible.
  • Assign access permissions to removable devices / media, and one of the several encryption methods, including Non-Portable Encryption (access on network only) and Portable Encryption (self-contained for use outside of the network).
  • Limit the types of files which can be transferred onto removable devices / media, and the amount of data which may be transferred per day of the week.


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