Lumension® for Thin-Client
and Virtualized Environments

Lumension® enhances security and enables improved user productivity in virtualized environments including thin-client and VDI deployments.

Out-of-the box virtualization platforms often provide all or none type security controls. Such coarse controls result in administrators having to make unsatisfying decisions which are a trade-off between security and performance.

Rest assured that your organization rapidly gains greater control with a solution that is certified as Citrix Ready™ for both Citrix XenApp™ and Citrix XenDesktop™.

Stay compliant with applicable regulations and internal security policies when moving to your virtualized desktop environment.

Require data written to attached external storage devices be protected by FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant encryption. Be assured the data may be decrypted to meet the most demanding use cases.

Utilize application whitelisting capabilities to further augment the virtualization infrastructures inherent security capabilities and efficiently restrict the use of virtualized environments as a springboard for malware ingress into your organization.

Granularity Security Control for Virtualized Environments

Virtualization of end-user applications and desktop operating systems is driven by organizational desire for cost-effective extension of access accommodating ever increasing greater user mobility, enhanced security, and resource efficiency gains. Virtualization solutions’ security enhancements, however, may come at the expense of user productivity. For example, the typical inherent device control capabilities either provide great security in blocking all external device, which hinders the necessary business activities of the road and cube warrior, or enable an unrestricted a flow of information, which allows data to leave an organization without proper encryption. Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress facilitates a proper balance between security and productivity not only for user device data flow but for also for enhanced malware prevention.


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Success Story

Success Story

After a thorough search and exhaustive testing of device control solutions, Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust chooses Lumension®. more»


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Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress

Provides fast, effective and scalable protection from sophisticated malware and targeted attacks. Ideal for servers, fixed function assets (e.g., POS, ATM and pay-at-the-pump systems), and thin-client or virtualized endpoints, Lumension® Endpoint Security XPress allows organizations to quickly identify and lock-down endpoints to proactively prevent unauthorized use of removable devices, ports, and unknown application from being installed and executed – all without having to rely on AV definitions and vulnerability patches.

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